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Welcome to Sun Times version 7.1 - Released Mar 2008

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New for Version 7.1: Global gridded mean temperature averages and observed monthly anomalies since 1960 ...

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About the Sun Times project ...

Sun Times is a full-version free windows application written as a hobby by Sam Kay and Tessa Du Croz. Work has been ongoing since 1998, through a number of versions with increasing features. When using it, please feel free to contact the authors by email (email address further down this page) for bugs, suggestions, and areas of interest where you have found it useful. If you feel parts of it could be used for commercial, formal educational or funded research purposes, then you may use it in its current form in an unlimited manner. However, we may also be able to develop Sun Times, or its approaches to data management and presentation, into a form useful for your organisation as a paid for service - again contact us by email. This free version of Sun Times contains data in plain text files which are extracted from our Sun Times database (we use the free versions of Microsoft's SQL Server for this). All, or portions, of this database can also be released on request according to your needs. If re-distributing this version of Sun Times, then please refer to as a source to download Sun Times for free, and state that it may be used for free without limitation. Donations of high-quality geographical datasets, historical wmo gsn climate baseline averages, comprehensive world scheduled flight datasets, or free maps, would be greatly appreciated and credited if used in future. If you find Sun Times useful then please promote it to other people and organisations that you think would find it useful, or write reviews summarising your experience with Sun Times, and which aspects of it would be useful to your target audience. Effort has been put into ensuring that the information presented in Sun Times is accurate, click for more information. Gridded world temperature data in SunTimes is based on datasets available from the CRU ( This data is provided for all to use, provided the sources are acknowledged, see bottom of this page for the full information on the sources.

The main function of Sun Times is to display day and night moving across a map of the world's time zones. It calculates and tabulates sunrise, sunset, dawn and dusk times for over 10,000 locations covering the world's land surface. It also displays the current local time in each of these locations with daylight saving adjustments. In addition, it calculates the times of events which are based on the local position of the sun, eg Islamic prayer times.

In addition to this main Sun Times function it has climate, aviation, geographical and astronomical features. The climate features display expected seasonal temperatures and precipitation, estimates of current temperatures based on the local time of day, tables of in depth climate data, and illustration of departures from long-term climate averages (for year 2000 onwards). The aviation features allow some of the scheduled worldwide commercial flights to be plotted and animated, airline route networks to be illustrated and tabulated, timetabled departure and arrival boards to be generated, and idealised airspace capacity demands to be plotted. A further aviation feature allows you to investigate how flying across the world's time zones will affect the observed time of sunrise and sunset. The geographical features tabulate the time zone, daylight savings rule, region and population of locations in Sun Times, and show populations (for 2007) for cities, regions and countries. The astronomical features allow the movement of the Sun, Moon and naked-eye planets to be plotted relative to each other or relative to an observer's horizon.

The locations in Sun Times include almost all of the places with populations greater than 100,000 and the capital cities of countries. Locations with smaller populations are included to fill the geographical gaps where there are no large population centres. You can also add your own location into Sun Times.

About the application ...

Sun Times is a free Windows application, tested on versions of Windows 2000, XP and Vista. This version has no disabled features and will never expire. It will install the Microsoft Visual Basic Runtime libraries on your computer if they are not already installed, they come with XP and Vista, (details available on this from It runs adequately on older systems, eg 866MHz with 256MB RAM, and runs very well with systems above about 2GHz (with 256MB or more RAM). The aviation features will not work very well on a system with 128MB RAM, but otherwise it should run OK. It looks best at 1024x768 screen resolution or higher, and the colours look best on old-style CRT monitors. The operation of Sun Times can be CPU intensive, and memory requirements can sometimes be quite large (peaking a bit over 100MB), so it's best not to be running important programs simultaneously to Sun Times. Computer resource requirements are heavy on startup when Sun Times reads text files to create datasets in your system memory. The same applies when you click the "Load Climate" button, or when loading actual climate observations. Animating flights, climate maps, or astronomical plots are CPU intensive. Most CPU-intensive functions have an option to cancel while they are in progress.

The installed application can be fully uninstalled using 'Add/Remove Programs' in Control Panel, or the Uninstall link created under the Sun Times entry on your start menu. It requires about 30MB of hard disk space for installation.

Click on the MAIN DOWNLOAD link above and save the setup.exe file locally. You can also right-click, and then choose Save Target As ... You can then run the setup.exe program which by default will install the program to Program Files\Sun Times and create an entry on your start menu. You need to have Administrator privileges on your computer to install Sun Times.

Sun Times does not programmatically connect to the Internet, and will not read or write to files outside of its directory in Program Files (after installation). When Sun Times is first run, it creates a handful of registry keys which are used to store your preferred startup options (HKEY_USERS\~YOUR USER~\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\SunTimes). It contains no advertising or material inappropriate for children.

About the authors ...

The authors are Sam Kay and Tessa Du Croz. Our professional specialisms are in the fields of data management and developing windows and web-based software used in operational analysis and data processing for commercial organisations. We work mainly (but not exclusively) with Microsoft database management and development tools. We spend our time in the British Isles and Australia.

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This page first published: August 2000; Last updated: Mar 2007

Features include the following

·        View the current, future and past times of sunrise and sunset in over 10,000 locations worldwide

·        Check what the current local time is in more than 10,000 locations (with daylight saving adjustments)

·        View the Sun's compass bearing, elevation angle above the horizon, and the theoretical cloudless colour of the sky during twilight

·        Watch twilight move across maps of the World, Europe, North America, or any other custom area

·        Plot likely world-wide flight positions based on airline timetables.

·        Plot airline route networks and hubs, and tabulate the number of flights and passengers on particular routes

·        Generate flight departure and arrival boards for airports, countries or airlines, based on published airline schedules.

·        Plot the demands on upper airspace created by timetabled civil aviation

·        Plot and animate a flight itinerary showing the effect of flying on the position of the sun as timezones are crossed.

·        View information about locations around the world where the sun is currently rising or setting.

·        Find and animate Solar eclipses from different locations on Earth

·        Add and edit the Time Zones and Daylight Saving Time Rules of locations

·        Produce a yearbook of sunrise and sunset times for a specific location

·        View Dawn and Dusk times

·        View how the total "top of atmosphere" solar radiation varies according to time of year and location

·        Calculate planetary Right Ascension and Declination co-ordinates and distances from Earth

·        Animate the path of the Sun, Moon and planets (visible to the naked eye) across the sky relative to an observer's horizon, on an hour-by-hour basis, or looking at the same clock time on consecutive days.

·        Animate the path of the planets in their orbits around the Sun.

·        View climate information and graphs for the locations, and watch how these change through the year

·        View the current estimated temperature at each location

·        Plot and tabulate observed climate reports from 2000 onwards (published by the World Meteorological Organisation), and compare them to historical climate averages.

·        List populations, areas and population densities in all the world's regions and countries

·        Calculate and list Islamic prayer times and other times of religious or cultural significance which are derived from the position of the sun.

·        Choose between conventional calculation methods used in generating Islamic Prayer Times.

·        View photos of over 700 places chosen to showcase the natural scenery and archaeological sites of our planet.

Some more screenshots ...

Sunrise/set times calculated by Sun Times,
GMT times for 2005 for - Norway 67 54' N, 013 00' E
Date Sunrise     Sunset    Midday    Day Length
Jan 1 N/A           N/A         12:11:39 00:00:00
Jan 2 11:52:46 12:31:48 12:12:07 00:39:02
Jan 3 11:42:53 12:42:38 12:12:35 00:59:45
Jan 4 11:35:14 12:51:14 12:13:02 01:16:00
Jan 5 11:28:35 12:58:49 12:13:29 01:30:14

References for global gridded temperature data