Multi Day Exploration - Annapurna Region, Nepal

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Visited: Mid May

The Annapurna region has classic Himalayan scenery, allowing exploration of steep, deep valleys leading to lofty peaks. Venturing into the Annapurna Sanctuary gives walkers a close-up look at the mountaineering routes towards the higher Himmalayan peaks. Four or five days allows a return trip to the Sanctuary, a week would allow a combination of the Sanctuary with part of the Annapurna Circuit. Something like 2 to 3 weeks are required for the complete Annapurna Circuit. Unfortunately, this area, although generally well-developed for trekking, has varying security concerns.
Annapurna Region - Nepal
Annapurna South from near Chomoro, Day 2 Section, Annapurna Sanctuary (T), Nepal, 9-May-95, W15

Annapurna South, near Ghandrung, Modi Khoala Valley, Day 2 Section, Annapurna Sanctuary (T), Nepal, 9-May-95, W309

Annapurna, Day 5 Section, Annapurna Sanctuary (T), Nepal, 12-May-95, W307