Air Miles Calculator
-This calculator works out the shortest distance between places (ie "Great Circle" routes).
-This is the same way that most airlines calculate air miles.
-The calculator approximates the location of airports to that of the city centre.
-This will mean the Total Mileage may be slightly different from the mileage as given by a particular airline.

-You do not need to be connected to the Internet to use this calculator, you can just save the page onto your own computer hard disk.

Total Mileage =  

-Enter route using 3-letter city codes below using hyphens (ie - ) between each code
-Or enter the 3-letter city codes in the boxes below (between 1 and 28)
-Use the City-Code finder list to find codes you don't know
-If a place is not in the City-Code finder this calculator cannot use it
-For a calculator that includes more places, click here: Comprehensive Air Miles Calculator (100k)

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